Smart Class

The school since its inception believes in quality education, so it strives to promote all of modern technology and gadgets in the teaching learning process. So, the school is in contract with one of the best known Smart class service provider in India, named TATA INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS (Tata Classedge), since 2013. The quality and service provided bears much fruit in enhancing the students attention and learning. 

Computer Lab

With the development of technology, Computer has become a part and parcel of our day today life. We cannot think of a student without having the basic knowledge of computer. Keeping in mind the necessity of this computer knowledge in a student, the school gives importance in computer education as well, there by assigning an experienced teacher to monitor it. Due emphasis is given to practical side than theoretical learning, which include both hardware and software. 


As we know Books are the storehouse of knowledge, the school also has a good number of collections of various books, regularly subscribed Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers. Every new session the school purchases new books for the Library from various publishers. Some of the collections include: Encyclopaedias, Science, Fictions, Novels, Year Books, Comics, and various subject related books. Educational and leisure readings, digital contents are included as well. 

School Transport

At first the school provided Bolero service to fetch students in neighbouring villages. But with the increase in number of students year after year we had no choice but to buy a new school bus. With the approval of the School Managing Committee, the school purchased an SML Bus with 43 seating capacity on Loan, on 31 March 2018. Since then the bus provide service smoothly in the Mohanpur route. 


The Antioch School started its Residential facility since 2007. There are separate Boys and Girls Hostel with an intake capacity of 100 students approved by the ST department, government of Tripura. Hostel plays a very important part in Tripura, the reason being, in most cases, the parents not being able to provide enough care and guidance especially in the English medium school. Also students from far flung places could reside in the hostel and study without giving pressure to the parents. Because of hostel facilities the school has students coming from Amarpur, Naisingpara in North Tripura, and even from neighbouring states like Mizoram, Manipur and Assam.

Website and Online Class

Website & Online Class:

The School has also opened up its own website to be able to reach to a bigger audience. In this digitalized world, we want to make everything accessible with just a click or a touch. The website provides all the relevant information needed for anyone who is interested to know more about our School. It is also a medium through which we could connect with our friends, guardians, students. Alumni and our well wishers.

With the alarming new cases of Covid-19 everyday, online classes could be the best option for the School and the Students. Keeping this in mind, online classes have been set up in such a way that all the teachers and students should be able to access it in a secured environment.

The Hembro Infotech, Agartala has lent us a helping hand by guiding us in the making of this website and online classes. Our Sincere thanks to them.

Online/Offline Fee Payment

Online/Offline Fee Payment:

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the opening of School and office has been restricted. So, considering the safety and convenience of the parents and staff, an Online and Offline Fee Payment and Collection was made available for use from May 12, 2021. Now, all necessary fees can be paid with a click from home any time safely. Students from far and near can check and view all the payments made and total fees due to be paid.

Login can be done by visiting : or by clicking on the option "Pay Fees Online" available in the school website home page.